Cell Broadcast Service Suite

The CBS Suite mainly consists of two modules, which are Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) and Cell Broadcast Entity (CBE). The CBC module packs the messages generated by the CBE and transmits these messages to the Radio Access Networks (RANs, MME, RNC, BSC, etc.). After this stage, the RAN transmits the broadcast message to mobile devices through the base stations located within the selected geographical region.

  • In case of natural disasters and emergency events, it enables central authority to send instant messages to millions of mobile devices within a selected geographical region.
  • The dedicated, fast and secure broadcast channel between government agencies and mobile users.
  • CBS is the globally recognized and proven emergency alert system defined by 3GPP for mobile devices.

Cell Broadcast Entity (CBE)

Managing and generating the emergency messages in most comprehensive and effective way.

This is the entity where the operator manages and generates the emergency messages using advanced User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) features.

 Comperehensive and Effective GUI

User friendly GUI that allows to write and manage emergency messages including searching, deleting, and editing.  A simple yet effective dashboard enabling operator to navigate and manage the messages, areas, users and groups. With state-of-the-art localizaiton and internationalization capabilities, it can be easily adapted to your local languages.

Advanced and Quick Message Generation

Time is very critical in case of natural disasters and emergency events, so our CBE is optimized for such situations to generate emergency messages easily and rapidly. Our CBE allows several options to select the target geographical regions including advanced polygon drawing on the map, selection of place from list manually as well as  selection of pre-defined area list.

 Robust Alarm and Reporting

“Heartbeat” mechanisms for verifying availability by detecting failures in the links between originators and carriers. Our CBE also provides interface for easy integration to external alarm and monitoring tools. It allows user to receive alarms and obtain reports easily.

Comprehensive Security

Considering the utilization of this platform by the government authorities in case of disasters and emergency events, access security is a top priority. Our CBE provides security at all levels including account security, user authentication, user and account authorization, registration and log Management, and application security.