─░stlink Communications was founded in 2013. ─░stlink develops and designs products for telecom and defence industries. The engineer group consist of dedicated, enthusiastic and exited people determined to finish every project with perfection. A group of key people in our team has average 20 plus years of experience from North America, Middle East and Turkey in the field of software product development, complete communications system design, RF engineering, digital signal processing, and embedded software development. Istlink has strived to deliver turn-key high quality solutions with competitive costs.


Areas of Expertise

Istlink specializes on development and design of full-fledged communication systems for telecom and defence industries.

Our core business is to develop turnkey products compatible with 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3GPP, GSM, etc. standards. This development process begins with examination of the relevant standard and includes design of system architecture, system simulation, component specification, development of L1, L2, L3 software and algorithms, implementation of these algorithms in different embedded systems and processors (FPGAs, DSP, ARM) and testing and integration of the final products in the field.