IstLink Wi-Fi Beehive Diagnostics System

Wi-Fi product manufacturers and test companies need custom design anechoic chambers in order to conduct the standart Wi-Fi tests rapidly with low cost. Such anechoic chambers, which are designed by few manufacturers, are expensive and the manufacturers lack to follow the advancements in Wi-Fi standarts that are emerging quickly. On the other hand, testing mobile communications products in realistic environments is vital from the perspecitve of their real performance. This is considerable especially for the Wi-Fi products with multiple antenna systems such as MIMO. Hence, İstLink has designed a hexagon mini anechoic chamber, which is called Wi-Fi Beehive, for testing Wi-Fi products with MIMO systems. It also allows our customers to test up to 64 Wi-Fi products simultaneously by integrating multiple of Wi-Fi Beehive Diagnostics system with the software that is designed by İstlink R&D team. This unique and portable Wi-Fi diagnostic system enables Wi-Fi product manufacturers to perform the integrated tests for their products at much lower costs.

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Features & Benefits:

This product can be used to test all Wi-Fi products. For example: